Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Sweet Place, Uralla

We're here! This is where Fiona was planning to take us to buy supplies. The Sweet Place in Uralla. This is a truly remarkable shop- full of lollies and chocolates.

 We just adore the old fahsioned shop front.
 One of several tempting displays. Can you image how much fun it is to dive into a tray of lollies?
Jemimah and Suzie are choosing individual chocolates: 1 for each of us. We ended up with a green, a blue, a mauve and a pink- the last was for Jemimah of course.

 Here I am with the handmade soap. It looked and smelled good enough to eat. I think it is important to take soap on our trip because I think we could get very mucky. Mind you, it was a hard choice.We all sat on this shelf and pretended we were for sale, luckily the shop was empty at the time (for like 3 minutes) or we might have been in trouble. The Bears asked if they could come with us but Caroline and Fiona both said no, anyway, they wouldn't all fit in the caravan.

 We contemplated the giant lollipop but really it was too big, we couldn't even lift it.
 It looks like a tree.
 Delia loves her cuppa and tried to persuade Fiona to buy some tea. Fiona said the budget was tight and she'd have to think about it. She had a lovely cup of green tea with Caroline and she let Delia share it.
 Do you think we could hook this up behind the caravan and tow it? It was very comfortable.
 Suzie really wanted to take this china chook. We couldn't fit it in the van and it might get broken the rest of us told her. Delia was a bit sad after that.
 This is Caroline who owns the shop. She was so helpful and showed us different products, nothing was too much trouble. Here we are with some of our selection.
We chose musk boiled lollies, hearts, a nougat bar, four individual chocolates and a packet of these little pill shaped lollies that are a bit like lifesavers only not really- I'd have to go look up the name-unfortunately Fiona has hidden the lot to avoid giving into temptation - her own or ours she didn't say.

Anyway, we had a gorgeous time and strongly recomment you pop into the shop next time you are in or passing through Uralla.
The details are:

The Sweet Place
Shop2/50 Bridge Street
Uralla, NSW 2358
We're going to try to link our blog to it.

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  1. What a wonderful adventure. Great post girls. Can't wait to read about the caravan trip!