Thursday, July 7, 2011


The caravan is no further ahead. We are a bit corss with Fiona to be honest but wouldn't dream of telling her so, she'd just feel guilty. She's had to do more costumes ofr Gabriel her son, this is the last she says.

Mind you, Fiona has been doing lots of planning for our trip and started knitting coats and making us all felt boots. She also has a special surprise for us early next week which involves a trip to Uralla to a special shop there. Fiona says it is to buy essential supplies. To think we have to wait the whole weekend. Maybe she'll get onto the caravan soon.

This is the entrance to the Pine Forest, where we will be having our expedition. Fiona says it is not green now but grey and brown because it is winter.

We have also been discussing our method of locomotion. We don't have an animal the right size to pull the van so we are thinking of some kind of pedal system. Ideas are most welcome.

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