Friday, July 22, 2011

The Girls are Away

I've got permission to blog on behalf of the Doiley Birds. They are very sorry but they are off for an exciting weekend with my friend Trish and her kids. I believe they are going to visit a winery and maybe have a bonfire.

Trish has instructions to take lots of photos to show next week.

While they are away I would like to post a few thoughts but it will mean I need feedback from the girls' followers and fans. I have been thinking of posting up a free pattern of the doiley birds so you can make your own. I don't want to make this too easy though so I think I won't post it until I have some responses.
So, if you are reading this, send me a response in the form of an email: or make a comment after this post. I think I need a dozen responses and then I shall post pattern and instructions.


  1. How exciting! Would a beginner be able to follow the pattern?

  2. Absolutely, they are very simple and with my instructions even simpler.

  3. Hey Fiona,

    Patterns for these sweet dolls would be so much fun!


  4. At first I though, 'Oh no I couldn't do that' and then' well, perhaps' and then 'why not!'. The doily birds look like such good friends to have and their adventures just the sort I like :)

  5. Did you get the right number of responses? Those of us you discovered the Doily Birds later would be interested in having a pattern and are looking forward to learning more of their adventures.